Difficult in learning – easy in a fight: proven by the second episode of the web epic “Space Bloggers”


It is natural that for such a famous pair as the Cosmonaut and the Revo Can, proportionally to the increase of its army of fans, the legion of haters also multiplies… But it is not a coincidence that the friends are cleverly equipped with tin armor and a sturdy spacesuit and armed with explosive humour – those will not let anything damage them on their way to the noble goal of becoming famous superbloggers. In the second series, “The Guardian of the Golden Button”, all of this artillery is also joined by priceless skills: inventiveness in order to stay online even in “space”, endurance in the midst of ruthless comment fights, and the power of words to fight against the nasty online ill-wishers.

So, the web epic “Space Bloggers” continues and spreads the wave of fan activity over the official Youtube channel and Instagram-page of REVO Energy! This time, the heroes end up at the training camp of Serhiy Youtubechenko aka the Guardian of the Golden Button in order to learn the basics of the blogging craft: they make a signal receiver out of improvised materials, neutralize the mannequin of a nerd-hater, and study the art of deep social networking zen. They need all these skills to create their own successful blog and get 100 000 subscribers in accordance with the demands made by the incorrigible Mask in the first episode, “Ivan’s Space Squash”.

We remind you that on June 14, the long-awaited premiere of the second season of the comical space mini-series about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can took place. The unique cross-media project became a sensation last year and was continued due to the fan demand. The intrigued audience can look forward to 8 new episodes and 1 bonus episode, as well as a bunch of interesting surprises from the unpredictable explosive brand REVO. Each new episode is posted weekly and becomes a true collection of immortal aphorisms!