“Creativity” on true creativity: specialized media interviews the creators of the collab PIT BULL™ x Ohueno


In the beginning of May, the limited edition collection PIT BULL™ x Ohueno was launched and suddenly broke the records: the partners didn’t even have to announce it publicly, and the first batch completely sold out. No one doubted the future success of the collection, but they were also not prepared for the extra push due to the premature sold-out. Olena Chuvakina, Brand Director of New Products Group, and Artem Budaiev, founder of the Ohueno clothing brand, told Creativity.ua about the history of their collaboration, creative search, crisis management, the role of nativeness in business and many other interesting and informative nuances.

A business based only on profit and traditional in-your-face marketing no longer fits the modern audience with a developed “anti-advertising” attitude. To succeed, you need to talk to the consumer honestly and offer a genuine product. “Now it has become difficult to “catch” the consumer: there’s a huge selection of products around, a variety of brands and a lot of “advertising noise”, which is sometimes insanely annoying. Reaching customers and getting through apathy or rejection is quite difficult. Brands are fighting for the attention of the consumer, and the winners are those who know how to surprise, stand out and add value. Collabs are the new points of growth, both in terms of sales and loyalty, and efficiency and profitability depend on the quality of the partnership and the relevance of the offer” says Olena Chuvakina. “Yes, we would consider it successful if everything sold out in two months, but somehow we managed to do it in two weeks… It will sound not very business-like, but, in my opinion, it happened because we did everything with sincerity” – adds Artem Budaiev.

The interview was very inspiring and heartfelt. Just what the new generation of businesses should be like. We are grateful to “Creativity” for the excellent material and advise everyone to read it in full: https://creativity.ua/interviews/synerhiia-idei-ta-enerhii-abo-iak-pit-bull-i-ohueno-zaproponuvaly-molodi-buntuvaty-krasyvo