Creative associates NON STOP™ and EatMe™ become official partners of Effie Awards Ukraine 2019


When really appetizing advertising speaks to the consumer: “eat me”, they begin to uncontrollably consume it non-stop… It is not the magic of incomprehensible love, but the result of a successful marketing strategy. The final of the most important national award in the world of marketing communications Effie Awards Ukraine is coming soon. The most creative minds of our country will receive the coveted statuette, which will secure them the status of the best in the industry.

The painstaking stage of evaluating the work of advertising and communication agencies from all over Ukraine is currently underway. On December 13, there will be a “parade of winners” – the Best Marketing Practices conference and the award ceremony. The partners of the event are our brands EatMe and NON STOP, which are invariable energy catalysts for any creative process.

The program of the Best Marketing Practices conference, which aims to promote a quality advertising market in Ukraine and enhance professional relationships, will consist of the cases-finalists of Effie Awards Ukraine 2019. The award ceremony of the Effie Awards Ukraine winners will celebrate the most effective national advertising campaigns of 2019 and reveal the names of their inventive creators.

When it comes to new discoveries, hearing the appetizing crunch of the NON STOPТ™ can opening -– always new, fresh and cheerful. No wonder it is compared to an energy source for an “uncharged” human body. It is a totally natural stimulant made with caffeine, taurine and a complex of vitamins (C, B5, B6, B9, PP) that we receive on a daily basis from our food. But NON STOP carefully assembled them in an efficient but safe proportion to give everyone the opportunity to reinvent themselves by recharging with the concentrated energy of the NON STOP perpetual engine.

When it comes to effectiveness, EatMe hastily removes the wrapper to demonstrate what it really means. A bit of aromatic berries and dried fruits, a handful of crunchy nuts or oat flakes, a topping of apple syrup, yogurt or chocolate – and a healthy nutritious snack is ready. The secret of effectiveness is in the absence of “secrets”, only in the successful arrangement of natural components. The Association of Nutritionists of Ukraine recommends EatMe even to beginner marketers and advertisers, starting with three-year-olds.

However, the brands of New Products Group are not only regularly supporting Effie Awards Ukraine, but also produce some of the most successful marketing strategies in our country. This year, a number of colorful cases were also nominated for the award. We look forward to a fair evaluation of the creative efforts by the greatest experts in the advertising and marketing industry!