Collector’s Edition of the REVO comic “SPACE OVEЯ” presented at Comic Con Ukraine – 2018


Hyper and creative, stunning and audacious REVO™ does not recognize limits and rules. However, “the energy drink with character” does some things methodically and relentlessly, namely – breaks stereotypes, surprises us and continues to tread its own path. And yet, constantly looking to get its… “can” into adventures.

It would seem that it would be impossible to come up with any other original ideas after the limited version of the drink in collectors’ cans in the style of pop-art and a unique web-series in support of that limited version… But REVO™ did promise that it will not allow people to get bored during the hiatus between the first and second seasons of the series, so here comes the extraordinary news: New Products Group presents the newly printed REVO comic “SPACE OVEЯ” based on the first season of the fantastic multi-energy blockbuster about the adventures of the Cosmonaut and the REVO Can!

REVO™, the Cosmonaut and their new comic book took part in the Comic Con 2018 festival, which took place on September 22-23 at the art-factory “Platforma” in Kyiv.

Comic Con Ukraine is the largest comic book and cosplay festival in Ukraine, which includes a grandiose cosplay show, a comic book exhibit, various competitions, and a large zone for video games. This year the festival adhered to the classic American model of “Comic Con”, which was first held in the US almost 50 years ago. In two days, Comic Con Ukraine gathered thousands of participants and visitors, and the entrance queue even in the evening was hundreds of meters long. Among the guests and members of the jury were famous cosplayers and real Hollywood stars, like the well-respected John Rhys-Davis, who starred in the legendary films about the adventures of Indiana Jones, James Bond and the hobbits.

The carnival atmosphere of Comic Con welcomed the main character of the REVO comics, the Cosmonaut, because pop-art and geek art are his element, as he himself is a classic comic book character. The guests of the festival enthusiastically talked to and and took pictures with the Cosmonaut and REVO™, while the quests and quizzes arranged by our heroes gave the chance to win the freshly released edition of REVO “SPACE OVEЯ”.

A thousand copies of the comic book have been printed. The Collector’s Edition is not for sale – it will be impossible to simply buy it. The first hundred copies went to the lucky winners at Comic Con, and the rest will go to the best and loyal friends of the brand. Identifying these devoted fans will be REVO™ itself, which constantly communicates with its friends in a variety of ways.

And while the fans of the brand are looking forward to the second season of the fantastic multi-energy blockbuster about the crazy pair of friends, outer space and love, you can watch a special report about what exactly went on at Comic Con on the Youtube channel Revoenergydrink. You can also find out more details on the REVO™ Instagram page.