Cider APPS creates a cool summer mood at the South Shore of Kiev beach party


The sea of ​​electronic music, positive vibes and cider APPS flooded the “South Shore of Kiev” open-air beach party this weekend. New Products Group treated party members with a glass of apple cider and on the next morning gave away a case of APPS in a special contest.

On August 5, Zed Bias, the DJ-headliner of the party from Manchester, arrived to “South Shore of Kiev” (beach club on Trukhanov Island). New Products Group delivered cooling cider APPS to the club and the party started! Anyone could receive a glass of refreshing drink for free. And in addition, in a special activation contest, New Products Group played a box of cider APPS among party people.

To participate, you needed to be photographed with a glass of APPS and a green apple — a symbol of the drink. Than — post the photo on Facebook or Instagram with a hashtag #APPS_PARTY. On the next morning, after the last DJ finished his set, among the participants who fulfilled the conditions of the contest, we determined the winner.

Zed Bias — is a big club star, he laid the foundations of dubstep-music, as a genre, from the late 90s the DJ created and promoted British electronic music all over the world. Now in Kiev he presented some tracks from the new full-fledged LP, which should air only on the September 22. So it turns out that the New Products Group promoters and the guests of the “South Shore of Kiev” danced all night long to the new hot tracks. Earlier than the anyone else in the world!

Kiev night lights, music bits on a beach party and cold APPS drinks became the three components of an excellent summer mood!