Children’s land-art: workshop for students was held in Zhashkiv with support of our company


«It’s not a hut, mom! It’s land-art!». On May 19, 2017, students of Zhashkiv schools took part in a fascinating art workshop. Egor Ancygin is an artist and a curator of the event. He got 23 kids aged 9-11 years in his land-art team. Together they tried to be creative and eco-friendly because this is what land-art means: use only natural materials for self-expression.

To make an installation land-artists use tree branches, water, grass and even landscape itself, i.e. everything one can find around. However, main working tool for kids is their imagination and open mind.

«Children think differently. It is their prerogative in arts. What you need is to show them new way of being creative, and they will start doing incredible things, – Egor Ancygin says. – I have more than 20 kids here and everyone has its own viewpoint on workshop goals. Looks like I’m here not to teach but to be taught».

Land-art workshop is a part of Zhashkiv creative workshops program. It is integrated into the school course of fine arts and introduces modern Ukrainian art to students. It is the most comfortable way to study arts: with real artists, doing your own projects (instead of often-boring school lessons).

Zhashkiv creative workshops are free for participants. This is the second workshop of the program and there are going to be six more in 2017. The program was initiated by Nova Gromada Charity Fund and the Platform for Contemporary Art _PCA for the schoolchildren of Zhashkiv.

New Products Group treated the workshop participants with nutritional EatMe bars, crispy brittle sticks CROPS and Pryrodne Dzherelo mineral water. Look at the photos what kids created during the six hours workshop!