Broken Mountain: Unexpected TKO in the sixth fight of Pit Bull Fight III


The cunning Serhiy Mudritsky defeated the mountain-like Oleg Nagorny! The eloquent names of these fighters became prophetic in the latest fight of the Pit Bull Fight III tournament, which was released on Sunday, April 25. Big guys, dangerous rivals, serious consequences. Must see!

Serhiy Mudritskiy is a resident of Kyiv, 25 years old, champion of Ukraine and silver medalist of the European Championship in combat sambo, champion of Bukovel in free fighting in 2019. The guy believes that he wins thanks to luck, and his coach is sure that he is just a real talent. A versatile fighter: good both standing up and on the ground.

Against this strong bearded man stands the boulder-like 23-year-old Oleg Nagorny, a fighter from the city of Vinnytsia. Medalist of the Ukrainian MMA Championship, finalist of the Cup of Ukraine in Goju-Ryu Karate, finalist of international competitions in “cossack double fighting”. His strengths are speed and variety of techniques. He enters the octagon with a clear goal and a cool head.

The fight begins intensely. The fighters are energetic, technical, powerful – you can’t take your eyes off them! Mudritsky moves playfully and fluidly in the ring, confusing his opponent: manipulating and teasing, and then suddenly shooting out a heavy punch. Oleg Nagorny is more static, but with even more massive, literally rock-hard punches, which often reach their target.

In the last seconds of the first round, Mudritsky unexpectedly knocks his opponent off his feet with a cannonball-strength kick. Nagorny, bewildered, wipes the blood from his savagely split lip and follows the doctor out of the ring. The fight is ended by technical knockout. Doctors are not even allowing Oleg Nagorny to the octagon to announce the results… What an epic finale! In the interview, the defeated fighter explains his unexpected defeat by 1,5 years of inactivity and is sure that in the future he will show better results in the framework of Pit Bull Fight and achieve many more victories.

Pit Bull Fight III is a magnetic sight, high-pitched emotion, drama and action. On Wednesday we will receive a bonus in the form of two battles in a row! Sambo wrestler Ilya Lupinov will try to beat the mighty Nikolai Pavlov, representing pankration, while horting champion Sergei Bidenko will try to cause trouble for MMA newcomer Maksym Lysenko.

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