Brilliant SHAKE™ has sponsored the New Channel entertainment TV show “There is a Question”


For over 20 years, SHAKE™ has been creating modern drinks for those who want to express themselves boldly and enjoy every moment of their lives. The brand has become the first in Ukraine to release ready-to-drink versions of world-famous cocktails that are so convenient to take with you on various adventures. SHAKE™ consumers are spectacular and passionate individuals who strive to stay in the spotlight and be inspired by creative and exciting events. The brand constantly follows the views and interests of its audience, flexibly transforming itself to suit their preferences, and therefore always remains in trend.

That’s why SHAKE™ decided to support the unique project of the New Channel “There is a Question.” It is a Ukrainian adaptation of the legendary American format Family Feud. In this game show, two teams related by family ties or interests will compete for victory in five rounds and the final by answering questions. The host is a brilliant favorite of Ukrainians, Lesya Nikitiuk. She has won the hearts of many people through her sincerity, kindness, and openness. SHAKE™ also shares all these values. The project will create a safe and fun space for relaxation, which is sometimes so lacking in everyday life.

The partnership promises a lot of exciting activities as SHAKE™ is always an atmosphere of good mood in a circle of close friends and like-minded people, just like in the “There is a Question” show. Follow the news on New Channel’s official page, participate in the preparation of episodes, and enjoy watching the show, the premiere of which will take place on March 13!