Brand EatMe joined Bad Mama Fest in Kyiv.


EatMe brand took part in one of the most anticipated holidays for children and parents – Bad Mama Festival, which was held at the “Platform Art-factory” in Kyiv on September 3-4. Young and adult guests were entertained with tasty, nutritious and healthy fruit and nut EatMe bars, and could also make photos near the stand with funny animals. During the party kids were happy to solve riddles and tell nursery rhymes. Moms and dads were informed that EatMe snacks are approved by Ukrainian Association of Dietitians and are recommended for children from three years.

«Bad Mama Fest has become an excellent platform for informal communication with our target audience parents who keep a healthy lifestyle and strive to inculcate healthy habits to their children. Both adults and children found out that fruit and nut EatMe bars is a nutritious snack, healthy and tasty alternative to many sweets“, – said Victoria Papazova, the “New Products” Group marketing director.

Today the EatMe range consists of four flavors: “Dried apricots, dates, apples and raisins” in edible wafer paper, “Raisins, apples, nuts” with chocolate glaze, “Pineapple, carrots, nuts,” and “Papaya, ginger, nuts” in yogurt glaze. Bars consist from natural ingredients only – dried fruits, nuts, seaweed extract, carrot, apple – thus, EatMe snacks are rich with vitamins and fiber.