Beer Day in time for Students’ Day! New Brew has arranged a student tour to the brewery’s production facilities for students from Kyiv’s university


A week after Students’ Day, New Brew, a new generation brewery, invited students from Kyiv’s university to enjoy a glass of excellent craft beer! A student tour of the brewery, located in the city of Zhashkіv, took place on November 25. The tour was attended by 14 representatives of the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE) both students and teachers. Nothing is better for intergenerational understanding than a natural beer that improves the degree of soulfulness and enhances the mood!

“Young people are an important target audience for the development and popularization of beer consumption culture in Ukraine, and New Brew is consistently focused on this. From a young age we should encourage Ukrainians not only to work properly, but also to relax appropriately, with a sense of proportion and self-care. If we want to have a healthy nation with pro-European values we should be open-minded and encourage consumers to be more attentive to the quality of products”, commented Yuriy Bykoriz, Director of the beer branch development.

The craft beer degustation definitely became an event highlight, however the visit had more than just an entertaining purpose. The main aim was to provide the future specialists in the food processing and merchandising industry with a practical demonstration of correct production and quality control processes. During the tour, the students from the capital’s university received information from the brewery’s key experts about the most modern brewing technologies and had the opportunity to make sure that all processes are strictly complied with. Informal conversations in a professional circle convinced the guests that craft beer production in Ukraine is a very promising market segment.

One of the current topics of the event was the situation regarding the draft beer channel. The students were invited to personally explore the range of products available in the draft outlets, communicate with the sellers and note down the information they received into the provided form. Among the questions covered in the questionnaire were the following: “Is it permitted to use the term ‘live beer’ in labelling in accordance with Ukrainian legislation?”, “How does cider or perry differ from ale?”, “Do all products have a manufacturer’s declaration?”, “How can counterfeit products be identified in retail outlets?”, etc. 

New Products Group is a leader in the field of low-alcohol beverages in Ukraine for more than 18 years. The year 2020 saw the opening of the new plant for the production of craft beer for a wide range of consumers the modern New Brew brewery. Within the framework of the beer culture promotion in general and the brewery’s products in particular the introductory press tours for the mass media were organized on the 29th of July and 19th of October, and the student tour for the KNUTE university representatives on the 25th of November. Delicious beer, great mood, useful knowledges and insights have become an excellent result of visits to the New Brew brewery.