Artificial intelligence vs. the crown achievement of nature: the discussion group “Group Sense” held a new meeting


Recently, the museum on 6 Hrushevsky Str. hosted the third meeting of the discussion group “Group Sense”, a joint project of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU), the online magazine and New Products Group. The topic, as always, concerned pressing issues of socio-cultural modernity, but this time, one especially relevant: the relationship between man and technology.

“How do we survive in a time when algorithms are making decisions for us?” Attempting to answer this question were: Olga Balashova, Deputy Head of NAMU; Sergey Danilov, neurobiologist and head of the company “Beehiveor”; Aleksandra Doroguntsova, Creative Director of Banda; Elena Selyutina, Communications and PR Director of New Products Group; Andrey Bobrykin, media manager and journalist; Yuriy Marchenko, Editor-in-Chief of; and Andrei Brodetsky, journalist and author of the Telegram blog “Technology, Media and Society”.

There are many frightening, but realistic enough scenarios of how soon artificial intelligence will overtake the labour market, being far more efficient than human minds, and will be able to accurately reproduce unique works of art that will have no less value than masterpieces of great creators, and in general, turn into a completely independent entity endowed with its own superconsciousness, like Skynet from the film “Terminator”. However, unlike the futuristic fantasies of 90s cinema, machine learning technologies and neural networks are already part of everyday life. Does this mean that literally every one of us is in danger?

Throughout the discussion, the museum’s “consilium” was fascinatingly balanced on the verge of rational anxiety and healthy skepticism. Despite isolated ideas that one can expect anything from this powerful invention, most participants nevertheless agreed on an atropocentric opinion that everything depends on the eternal “puppeteer” – a human.

In order to delve deeper into the subject and form your own position more accurately, we suggest you read the most interesting arguments and facts presented in the creative material or watch the video from the meeting. You can share your own thoughts and get a quick feedback in the comments section on the post on the New Products Group Facebook page or Facebook page.

The discussion club “Group Sense” is a social project created jointly with the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the online magazine to gather creative people with progressive views, representatives of various fields, to discuss controversial, but very topical issues of the present times.