APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards 2019 held the first selection round


APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards opened the new season and identified the list of the 14 most relevant artists of early 2019 who will compete for the right to represent Ukraine on the stage of the fifth largest music festival in the world – Sziget. They are: ADAM, Braii, Cape Cod, DZ’OB, CeSho, INDT, Fontaliza, [O], OY Sound System, Sasha Boole, The Unsleeping, YEYO, YUKO and Wavy Dem. In May, one of them will win a slot to perform on the Europe Stage at Sziget-2019, which will be held on August 7-13 in Budapest.

This year, APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards improved its concept, significantly changed the selection rules, and gained the support of well-known music experts in order to comply with the principle of objectivity. The purpose of the award is to recognize the most progressive artist by following such criteria:

  • the freshness and boldness of views, topicality, and relevance of the message;
  • the implementation of the most recent musical trends, experimentation in creative techniques, a successful combination of styles in search of a new one;
  • a dynamic, noticeable activity embodied in releases, solo shows and tours, participation in iconic media projects and collaborations;
  • an expressive image and its potential for longevity, the originality of the artist on the whole;
  • an effective occupation of an unoccupied niche or a tangible breakthrough.

The age of the artist, the genre in which they work and the degree of overall popularity are not taken into account.

At the first stage, the invited music experts made up a personal TOP-5 of the most relevant Ukrainian artists, combining the criteria of APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards and their own professional vision and experience. The next step of the awards will be shooting 14 studio live performances for the best tracks of each of the nominees. These videos will be seen by music lovers, whose taste and sense of relevance will determine the winner during a two-stage vote.

“We decided to start with the selection in a format that reminds community booking in the practice of forming festival line-ups. This is a choice according to recommendations, where each expert exists in the whirlpool of events, deals with the live performances, works in the various planes of music journalism and shares our mission to promote Ukrainian music in Ukraine and abroad. At the same time with having an expert opinion, we want to hear from the audience, the interest, the reaction and the activity of which is the incentive for musicians, the engine for their development. Recognition among listeners creates a sense of demand for their own creativity, which is often decisive in the fate of an artist. So, we ask each music lover who will see this article to not be only an observer, but to become a participant of events: find the most relevant music for themselves and declare their choice,” commented the co-organizer of APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards, promoter of Sziget Festival in Ukraine Olga Yermak.

APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards was a result of the collaboration of one of the most famous festivals of the world – Sziget – and an awards ceremony that has already been exploring the state of the Ukrainian independent scene – APPS Music. Its goal was to collect the fresh harvest of Ukrainian indie music of the beginning of 2018 in the genres of electronic and rock, and choose the most “juicy fruit” that was worthy of appearing in the line-up of Sziget. The competition for a cash reward in the amount of 35 000 UAH and a performance at Sziget Festival-2018 attracted both already established artists and beginners. A vote by the audience and the jury consisting of reputable promoters, producers and journalists selected YUKO as the winner in the “Young” nomination, and KADNAY won in the “Europe” nomination, who performed at Sziget on August 11, 2018.

Details about the awards, its rules and stages, experts and nominees, as well as Sziget Festival-2019 can be found on the awards website:

The video announcement of APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards 2019: