APPS Music draws attention to the APPS product and increases the number of loyal consumers


APPS Music draws attention to the APPS product and increases the number of loyal consumers

After the overwhelming success of the PIT BULL battle online music project, when the attendance rate of the website had reached 50,000 views per day, and participants had suggested 1600 contest songs only in the qualifying round, we decided to continue to play big in the music area with the APPS brand and to translate our intentions into the new APPS MUSIC project.


The purpose of the project is to discover new indie stars and make radio broadcast more diverse. Aspiring musicians will get a chance to become famous, while the fans of the high-quality music will be able to hear a fresh sound. The APPS brand on its part will receive wide media exposure through the deep integration into the project. It will be also involved in the loyalty formation process through the interconnection between the brand and the potential consumer.


We have already started to promote the project by spreading the videos on the relevant resources:

Video 1 – in Ukrainian

Video 2 – in Russian

Video 3 – in Ukrainian

Video 4 – in Russian


And of course, we promote the project through the social networks:





For music lovers there is another pleasant surprise: simultaneously with the start of the competition, the online radio station APPSolutnoe Indie has been launched. It will broadcast well-known indie hits and the most entertaining entries of the contestants.


The prize fund of the project is 60,000 UAH.


We plan to explore the state of Ukrainian independent scene since the Ukrainians are increasingly interested in their musicians, bands, and musical shows. This interest is supported by the quotas for the Ukrainian music broadcast. When the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had just passed the law with the newly established shares (according to it the share of the Ukrainian music in broadcast shouldn’t be less than 35%), many opponents criticised the government by saying that we have no performers who can be broadcast. What they meant was they would love to speak about quotas if the music business were not short of quality hits. However, Ukraine does have enough of such. The problem is rooted not in the lack of hits or musicians, it is in those who need to promote newcomers and be an intermediary between performers and listeners. The APPS brand is taking this challenging role now.


To get a cash prize and gain fame, the performer must be registered on the official website by July 31, 2017. Every participant should download their track or clip to one of the categories: “Breakthrough of the Year”, “Hit of the Year” or “Clip of the Year”. Listeners will decide the fate of the participants, casting votes for their favourites on the website. 60 leaders, 20 in each category, will fall into the shortlist which will have been published by August 18.


Both the final competition and the awards ceremony will be held on September 1, 2017.


Sergey Kuzin (ROKS radio station), Oleksiy Bondarenko (online media LiRoom), Andriy Zoin (Respublica Fest), Dmytro Feliksov (founder of Virus Music and and other experts will choose the best performers and determine the winner.


The LiRoom media, a contest partner, will be covering the important events related to the APPS Music project as well as it will introduce the participants, and share readers’ feedback with the experts.