APPS Music Awards – here’s the name of the winners who will receive 60 000 UAH


The APPS Music Awards, a project of unprecedented scale for the Ukrainian independent scene, reached its final. On The 5th of September contestants and fans of the contest found out the names of the winners.

The winner of “The Breakthrough of the Year” category is the band Indytronics, a «young blood» from Kyiv, specializing on melodic psychedelic indie rock.

One more winner, the Be My Guest (BMG) band, pull out the victory in two other categories simultaneously for “The Video of the Year” and “The Song of the Year” for powerful and penetrating “Dependence”, a rock rollercoaster with a serious hit potential.

Each of the categories makes its winner richer for 20,000 UAH, consequently the BMG group, which won 2 categories at once, receives 40,000 UAH and our sincere congratulations.

Now the hosts of the APPS Music Awards can finally breathe out and try to analyze the incredible experience of recent months.
We’d like to thank more than 550 bands which participated in our ambitious project at the start, and thousands of listeners who came to the project website to vote for their favorite artists.

We saw all the comments and approvals from the opionion leaders of the industry and welcomed the attention to our project by the stars of the musical sphere – Boris Barabanov, to take out the one, the person who forms the face and voice of Russian music journalism.

APPS Music Awards has proven that hot and new music is no longer the one playing on the radio. There are hundreds and thousands of young people from all over Ukraine, who, at this very moment choosing their first guitar in the instrument store, dream of big deeds on the big stage. We have no doubt that these new hot heads and young ladies will shape Ukraine’s musical space of the future — and it was the APPS Music Awards that first showed them to the world.

Full summary of our experts’ voting: