An international fight: a Belarusian and a Ukrainian mark territory in the 26th episode of Pit Bull Fight III!


In the 26th fight of Pit Bull Fight III, a pair of formidable Thai fighters uncompromisingly punch it out on bandages. There are two representatives of two strong-willed nations – a Ukrainian and a Belarusian, both of whom, by the way, are 26 years old. Decent wrestling, competitive rivals. We’re supporting our own!

Serhiy Musykhin – champion of Ukraine ICO 2016, 2019; champion of the Confederation Muay Thai Kiev 2018, 2019. Originally from the city of Nikopol. Has been doing sports since he was 14 years old. He started with boxing, but when he moved to Kyiv, he discovered Thai boxing. Works as a coach. In his arsenal – a strong backhand, a sense of distance, timing.

Evgeny Lashevsky is a master of sports of international class in Thai boxing and kickboxing, the winner of the WAKO Kickboxing Championship 2019, finalist of the 2018 World Thai Boxing Championship IFMA, champion of Belarus 2020 in WAKO kickboxing. A fighter from Minsk. He fought more than 100 fights – amateur and professional. Works equally well in both clinching and punching. Our commentator Vitaly Gurkov himself crossed paths with him in the ring several times.

From the start, the tattooed Musikhin presses on. He is full of energy and demonstrates good technique, but the more experienced Lashevsky quickly cuts off the brave Ukrainian. As a result of the first round, Lashevsky is in the lead. With the will to win, in the second round Musykhin is even more charged. The guys show a competitive fight, everyone wants to impress the judges and score more points. Here Lashevsky is already pushing, but Musykhin is trying to seize the initiative.

Surprisingly, in the third round the fighters are still almost completely fresh. Musykhin tries to play first violin again, but Lashevsky is a real master of twists. The battle ends in clinching. The fighters finally completely exhaust themselves. After the fight they thank each other and hug. The victory goes to Belarus, as ruled by the majority of judges – this time, Evgeny turned out to be superior. Serhiy recognizes the superiority of the opponent and feels satisfaction. This is what PIT BULL™ strives for: to quench the thirst for new experiences and leave everyone satisfied!

July 7 will also be interesting. A representative of wushu inspired by Jackie Chan’s stunts will appear in the Pit Bull Fight III cage. He is opposed by a strong-willed kickboxer who did not give up after his injury, even when almost everyone thought his sports career had come to an end. Playing on instincts and strategy: you can build conjecture, but in reality, the result is always unpredictable…