An extraordinary new release of 2021: PIT BULL Extra Vitamin C+. The Energy and Health Capsule!


When the cold stubbornly seeps under the skin, and all desires are lulled to sleep by a recent lockdown, you need some extra measures to revive yourself and cheer up. A capsule of energy and health bursts through the grayness of winter landscapes: the new PIT BULL Extra Vitamin C+ in a stylish 0.25 litre can! This hot-orange hit of 2021 from the ever-evolving brand will refresh you, give you strength, and make you aflush with energy, able to charge up the world around you.

The main feature of this new energy drink is the perfect combination of sour-sweet citrus, which drowns the ice with a bright fruity flavor, and the optimal dosage of vitamin C, which builds a strong shield against viruses and bacteria. A mix of lemon, lime and fragrant bergamot and a tangible health benefit will undoubtedly make PIT BULL Extra Vitamin C+ the favourite of the season!

The benefits of vitamin C are a well-known encyclopedic fact. This natural ingredient strengthens the immune system, protects against disease, accelerates the body’s recovery processes, eliminates the harmful effects of the environment, and helps overcome stress. The new PIT BULL™ with an improved formula even more effectively combines a rich vitamin complex of B5, B6, B9, PP, C with the traditional “energy sponsor” – caffeine, and taurine – a substance of natural origin, which helps to improve metabolic processes. As a result, PIT BULL Extra Vitamin C+ helps fight infections, apathy, encourages you to live a rich, citrus-juicy life every day, regardless of weather and circumstances.

“Now is the time when the body’s resistance and strong morale increase the chances of staying healthy and continuing to lead an active lifestyle. So we were inspired by the idea of ​​giving our target audience – hard-working and mobile young people – something more, something “extra” to defend them against environmental risks. Drinking Pit Bull Extra Vitamin C+ is, as usual, a guarantee of high personal productivity, plus an excellent vitamin composition that resonates with the latest global trend of creating functional drinks with maximal health benefits”, – said Elena Chuvakina, Brand Director of New Products Group.

PIT BULL™ is a high quality, affordable, youth-oriented energy drink. The brand is among the top 3 key players in the category of energy drinks with a market share of over 24%. The constant growth of sales is due to the extraordinary success of the product among the target audience of the brand – non-conforming young people who do not recognize any authority and always remain true to their own principles. Thanks to successful social positioning, the development of native communication and modern media platforms, the Pit Bull Live and Pit Bull Fight projects under the auspices of PIT BULL™ won four prestigious Effie Awards Ukraine in 2020, including a gold statuette.

The classic representative of the line is PIT BULL™ Energy Drink with berry flavour, which appeared on the market in 2011 and is currently available in a PET format of 0.5 and 1 litres. In 2019, the stylish PIT BULL X with fruity taste in a 0.25 liter can was presented, and in 2021 the PIT BULL Extra Vitamin C+ continues the streak of convenient to-go formats.

The new drink is expected to be widely available at the end of January. The recommended price for PIT BULL Extra Vitamin C+ in retail outlets will be the most affordable for young people, so it will not exceed 12 UAH.