An endless party from Thursday to Friday: the launch of a new “day-off” drink – FRIDAY beer lemonade


The leader of the Ukrainian market of low-alcoholic beverages New Products Group announces the launch of a new youthful brand FRIDAY. FRIDAY is a new generation of ready-to-drink naturally brewed beer-based beverages with 5% alcohol content. An unusual for the Ukrainian market product called “beer lemonade” will go on sale in March.

“We are on the cusp of a new, exciting story of eternal Friday that our customers are sure to enjoy with us. In order to bring them as much pleasure as possible, we have specially created a “portal” through which you can always get into the mindset of an endless day off. This unique new drink named after the most beloved day of the week will bring together people who are able to create a spontaneous holiday within the monotony of weekdays, who are able to shake off the heap of worries and just have a good time. We are intrigued by where this refreshing citrus adventure with a pinch of creative frenzy takes us, so we invite everyone to join our endless party!” ,commented Elena Selyutina, PR Director of New Products Group.

The FRIDAY flavour line contains two versions of the beer lemonade: “Lemon-Lime” and “Orange-Lime”. The fragrant drink invigorates with its sweet acidity, tingles the tongue with foamy bubbles, bursts with succulent splashes and finishes with a soft tropical note. An easy pleasant aftertaste is his main feature, so the party can always be remembered for the breezy aroma of fresh citrus and the novelty of new connections.

The new trendy beer lemonade FRIDAYis available in a unique 0.45 liter glass bottle with tactile bubbles on the surface for a touch of whimsy. A convenient twist-off cap (“turn and open”) does not force you to pause in search of a bottle opener, because FRIDAY embodies the fun of an uninterrupted weekend and makes you forget the boredom of the everyday!

FRIDAY is literally turning the world upside down – no wonder the name on the bottle is topsy-turvy! Lemon/Lime can be identified by a contrasting green and black label depicting a funny alien in a UFO, which emphasizes the quirkiness of a parallel time dimension called “Friday.” FRIDAY Orange/Lime has a bright red-and-blue label that adorns a “parked” dog with an explosive mechanism that “blows up” your boring day. Naming and creative packaging design was exclusively developed by TS/D Agency.

According to the legend of the drink, Friday comes regardless of the day of the week. Friday does not start in the morning and does not end in the evening – it arrives unexpectedly and lasts forever. Life is beautiful, illogical and a little crazy, so it makes no sense to take everything too seriously and put off the fun for later. “Don’t slow down – today is FRIDAY”: get it, unscrew it and taste it!