A respectable jury confirmed that Shake™ has great taste: the main character of Shake Basil Beauty ad received the crown of “Miss Ukraine – 2018”


The legendary Shake™ proved once again to have the gift of foresight. Shake™ doesn’t follow trends – it creates them! No wonder that the Shake™ line of ready-to-drink low alcohol cocktails was the first brand with which New Products Group entered the market in 2003. It was Shake™ that became the pioneer of low-alcohol drinks in Ukraine, and still, 15 years later, serves as the leader of the market.

In June of this year, New Products Group launched a new trendy flavour Shake Basil Beauty, and a promo video for it – as always, in the style of Shake™: exciting, seductive and memorable. The brand cast Leonila Guz for the video, intuitively seeing a special magnetism in her, a style and a natural beauty as the most striking of natural phenomena. Shake™ is an unmistakable radar of charming aesthetics, a sensitive tuner of youthful harmony, and it once again managed to reveal these qualities in the ad for its fresh and spicy cocktail with the taste of basil, currant and lime, which personifies a hot summer’s day.

And now the whole country recognized the beauty of the main character of our video! After all, the winner of the title “Miss Ukraine-2018” went to the lovely Leonila Guz.

The new “Miss Ukraine” is from the Kherson region, and by 19 she managed to move to Kyiv and study to become a hairdresser. Leonila loves to travel and take part in photoshoots, be the star of the party and generally be the center of attention. Her image – light, sensual and refined at the same time – harmoniously reinforces the Shake™ vibe.

In December, Leonila Guz will represent Ukraine at the Miss World competition in China, on the exotic island of Hainan. We are happy and proud that this sophisticated beauty will have the chance to “shake up” the whole world. Just like Shake™ – the brand that always picks up new trends like they’re flowers, and carries their first delicate aromas to its consumers.