A new taste and new stylish design: cider APPS ™ welcomed the summer season with rebranding and the expansion of the line


The well-known cider brand APPSTM by New Products Group is “changing the outfit”: the bottle becomes transparent, embossed, and instead of the usual cap, a convenient ring pull is used. The eco-style label is made of craft paper with a textured, partially lacquered surface. In addition to this, the brand book is being updated – the bet is placed on the most current designer fonts.

The purpose of the rebranding is to emphasize the quality, naturalness and status of APPSTM cider, a fashionable natural drink for the modern progressive – and demanding – audience.

“Renewal is not just beautiful. It is a coded message. With the transparency of the bottle, we say: “You can trust its contents, everything is honest and open.” A wine-style label made of craft paper is a symbol of nobility and environmental friendliness of the drink. The embossing on the glass and the texturing and lacquer on the label not only create pleasant tactile sensations, but also emphasize the exclusivity of the product. Modern typography and bright stylish design speak to the trendiness of the brand, and the lid with a ring – to the convenience of drinking the product. If you put it all together, we get the perfect portrait: APPSTM Cider is a light, fashionable and stylish natural drink for true connoisseurs. At the same time, it is available to a wide circle of cider fans due to its Ukrainian origin”, – comments on the rebranding Gennadiy Dovgan, Marketing Director of New Products Group.

The design of the rebranding was developed together with the creative agency TS/D (Tough Slate Design).

It is symbolic that simultaneously with the refreshing of the brand’s image, there was also a “refreshing” expansion of the APPSTM line – a bright “fresh” APPS “Grapefruit” was added to the brand’s assortment. The new flavour has everything that consumers expect from a light summer drink: a fresh citrus aroma, noble bitter notes, and thirst-quenching sourness. The ingredients include 100% natural fermented apple juice and extract of the juicy grapefruit. A sip of real refreshment in the big city!

Like other flavors of APPSTM, the new drink introduces Ukrainian consumers to the European and global trend of light natural low-alcohol beverages; it allows you to be a part of a progressive community without losing your individuality; helps you enjoy life, be natural and open, communicate without barriers and restrictions.

By the way, the updated APPSTM and the new APPS “Grapefruit”, which will go on sale in the second half of June, have already appeared on the big stage – they have been featured in 14 studio live performances by APPS Music & SZIGET: Awards 2019, a music award that searches for the most current artist with great stage presence, collects a fresh crop of Ukrainian indie music and chooses “the juiciest fruit” worthy of the line-up of the cult European festival Sziget.