A healthy relationship with caffeine: on “the rights and obligations” of both parties from a leading food market expert


Often energy drinks fall under a lot of criticism because of their caffeine content, facing claims that it’s dangerous, it can cause health problems and even addiction. But such reasoning is not justified, since it does not take into account the decisive factor in the nature of this ingredient’s potency – quantity. The truth is that if you build a healthy, responsible “relationship” with caffeine, then the substance only benefits the human body.

Caffeine is found in many foods, and energy drinks are no exception. They even have one significant advantage over, for example, a big cup of cocoa: the package contains detailed information on the components in quantitative terms. Therefore, if you carefully read it, it turns out that the caffeine content in a half-liter can of energy drink is only a third of the daily recommended intake for a healthy adult.

Why are there so many myths surrounding caffeine? What kind of substance is this, where does it occur naturally, and how does it affect the body? A leading expert, head of the Board at Food Processors League, Gennadіy Kuznetsov in his column on the “Correspondent” website answers these questions and debunks numerous myths about caffeine. Read the informative article “Myths or Caffeine: which is actually worse for you?” and arm yourself with a safe dose of useful knowledge.