A “glass” of sparkling drink that’s always with you! LANDINI™ – a new low-alcohol wine drink with Italian charm


Wine is delicious, noble and elegant beverage. But using a corkscrew is problematic, boring, and complicated… The compromise is a light wine drink of Italian origin in a stylish designer can!

LANDINI™ is a new low-alcohol wine-based carbonated beverage. This is the first “wine bird” from the leader of the Ukrainian market of low-alcohol drinks – New Products Group, which occupies more than 70% of the market (according to the analytic report of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine for 2020). LANDINI™ develops the company’s fermented beverage range and continues its strategic focus on the trend of naturalness.

«Today, consumers are increasingly turning their preferences toward flavored wines, which are available on the market in both formats: glass bottles and aluminum cans. That’ s why we decided to produce our own brand LANDINI™ at the facilities of Cantine Sgarzi Luigi Srl, an Italian producer of sparkling and still wines, located in Castel San Pietro Terme. Only the best quality wine material on the basis of white and rose grapes grown in Italy is used for the LANDINI™ production (its content in the drink is at least 50%). We have made a lot of effort to preserve the authentic refined taste and we hope that our consumers will appreciate it!», – comments Borys Tkachov, Head of Strategy at New Products Group.

What are the obvious advantages of LANDINI™ compared to traditional wine:

  • You don’t have to fumble with the corkscrew, interrupting a keen conversation.
  • The 0.33 liter portion size is exactly like a glass of wine! And you won’t have to think what to do with the rest of your drink…
  • Convenience: the drink will be a great companion when going to the beach, to the park, on a picnic. A stylish can will create the appropriate mood, but it won’t break like a glass!
  • Lower alcohol content of 6.5% for a clear head and bright thoughts. Enjoy your euphoric moments for as long as possible!

There are three flavors in the LANDINI™ line: Fragolino Bianco, Fragolino Rosso, and Pesco. The drinks are made from fruits and grapes through natural fermentation.

Fragolino is a common term that comes from the Italian word “Fragola” (Strawberry). LANDINI Fragolino – low-alcohol carbonated beverage made on the basis of white (Fragolino Bianco), and red (Fragolino Rosso) wine with the addition of a plant extract of strawberries. LANDINI Pesco (from Italian “Peach”) is made of white wine, flavored accordingly with the juice of a fragrant ripe peach.

For the sophisticated modern consumer, it “doesn’t taste perfect” if it “isn’t beautiful”. The stylish LANDINI™ can is a joy to hold in your hand and a pleasure to appear with it in public! The matte black can, with an outline pattern of Italian map, adds originality and luxury to the brand. Design is developed by creative agency Reynolds and Reyner, which works with such leading global brands as David Beckham, JP Morgan, Lacoste, Davidoff, and others. 

A warm Mediterranean evening, the atmosphere of Italian hospitality among friends, inspiration, beauty and relaxation that’s what constantly brings together a bright and sparkling LANDINI™! The drink is already available on the shelves of major national and local retail outlets. The recommended price for the product is 41 UAH. LANDINI™ is a real godsend for wine lovers!