A feast of sports grace and beauty: EatMe™ and “Pryrodne Dzherelo” became official partners of “1ONA CUP 2020”


On December 4-6, on the territory of the Kyiv Lyceum Liko-School, the 1st All-Ukrainian tournament in rhythmic gymnastics “1ONA CUP 2020” among girls born in 2005-2016 was held. The brands “Pryrodne Dzherelo” and EatMe supported the sports festival of beauty and grace. The official partners were subsequently awarded a solemn gratitude “For a significant contribution to the organization and holding of the tournament”, signed by the Vice-President of the Gymnastics Federation of Ukraine Irina Blokhina and the General Director of “1ONA” Alexey Brynzak.

“Supporting young talents and promoting a healthy lifestyle is our honorable duty as of one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers. Moreover, we make a lot of efforts to make our products healthy and useful. We were very glad to take part in such a charming action, to admire the promising children and personally receive gratitude from the grandees of native sport,” commented Elena Selyutina, Communications Director of New Products Group.

“1ONA CUP 2020” is a sports competition in rhythmic gymnastics, which is being held for the first time this year. The purpose of the tournament is to popularize the sport, search for talents, improve skills, exchange experience and strengthen friendly ties with athletes from other countries and cities of Ukraine. Girls from 4 to 15 years old take part in the event.

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