5 new flavors of Cider APPS™ from New Products Group


The New Products Group has produced 5 new flavors of Cider APPS™ for the season: cherry, apricot, pear, plum and exotic. Cherry will appear on supermarket shelves in 0.5 and 1.0 liter bottles, as well as presented in a craft version kegged from the tap with the rest of flavors to be marketed exclusively in kegs via cafes, restaurants and network outlets, selling draft beer and ciders. 

“The Company has thoroughly worked on a host of recipes and has conducted a lot of research so that to get ideal novel cider flavors, which are impressive from the first sip,” says New Products Group’s marketing director Viktoriya Papazova.

Each of the new flavors is unique. The Company hopes that all of them will get appreciation of cider admirers in their own right. APPS Cherry – is a moderately sweet cider with a cherry extract and light acidity. APPS Apricot – is a corn-colored cider with the aroma of a ripe apricot. APPS Pear – the honeyed flavor of the pear for those who love sweetness. APPS Plum – adds a distinctive aroma to the classical apple cider. The exotic papaya notes will uncover the flavor of Exotic APPS in a completely new way.

The APPS™ trademark confidently ranks 2nd in the market. 1.9 million liters of cider were marketed over 2015. Cider APPS is produced with the classical technology of apple juice fermentation. Only natural ingredients – fruit and berry extracts – are used in the flavored ciders. The cider is produced at the New Products GC’s Zhazhkiv production facility (Chercassy region, 150 km off Kyiv). The plant has 9 artesian water wells used for the beverage production.

Cider APPS™  has been created for the people, who take care of themselves, make a healthy choice and keep an eye on global trends.

Website: www.apps.ua