+30% to flavour and health benefits: EatMe™ bar grew to 40 grams at no extra cost and has once again improved its ingredients!


There should be plenty of the good EatMe™ diet bar! The consumers decided so, and the brand has listened. From now on, the nutritious and lovely snack with animals on the wrapper has 30% more of it! And that means even more taste, healthy benefits and pleasure.

The entire renewed EatMe™ line weighs 40 grams instead of the previous 30 grams. Also, +30% was added without any change in the price of the treat. The recommended retail price of EatMe™ in 2021 is 11-12 hryvnias. Moreover, with the changes in volume, there have been positive changes in the composition: the organoleptic properties of the product have been improved.

“We constantly monitor the market and research the opinion of the target audience in order to stay on top of consumer tastes. Therefore, we regularly improve the bars so that they meet expectations and wishes, so that with each release they become more tasty and healthier. The increased weight means more vitamins, microelements, a better balance of nutrients. It is also important for us that the volume is optimal for people of different sexes, ages, lifestyles, in order to give a feeling of satiety, but not heaviness, for everyone”, commented Elena Chuvakina, brand director of New Products Group.

The design of the snack’s packaging has also changed somewhat. EatMe™ trademark mascots – cute animals on the wrapper – stylistically became closer to nature to emphasize the natural composition of these healthy sweets. In general, these are already well-known characters – a squirrel, a raccoon, a monkey, but the cereal EatMe™ is now adorned with a cute koala.

EatMe™ bars, which first appeared on the Ukrainian market in 2014, are a healthy and nutritious snack for adults and children aged 3 and older. The product is saturated with potassium, magnesium, sodium, group A vitamins, and does not contain preservatives or dyes. Recommended for consumption by the Association of Nutritionists of Ukraine. Ideal as a healthy and quick snack for people who are concerned about their health and the amount of sugar they consume.

The natural composition of EatMe™ bars includes concentrated apple juice, berries and dried fruits, nuts, grains, agar-agar. The current line consists of four flavors: EatMe™ with raisins, apples, peanuts and grains in a chocolate glaze; EatMe™ with dried apricots, dates, apples, raisins and grains in wafer; EatMe™ with oatmeal, cranberries and peanuts in white chocolate; EatMe™ with oatmeal, cherry and rhubarb, half-glazed with white chocolate.

The updated 40 gram EatMe™ is expected to hit grocery stores in May. Look for colorful wrappers on the shelves and be sure to try all four flavors!