18 hours on the line with an idol: the results of the “celebrity hotline”


New Products Group on the results of the “celebrity hotline” for customers

Every week, celebrity guests became the operators of the free hotline of New Products Group. The entertainment experiment lasted for two months and quickly gained popularity.

188 calls and 18 hours of hotline communication!

The calls were received by Ukrainian celebrities: participants of the show “Ukrainian Top Model” Samvel Tumanyan and Anna Sulima, talented rappers Giga and Mytee Dee, star of the TV series “Kyiv Day and Night” Polina Kovalevska, and the charismatic blogger Andrey Trushkovsky.

Each of them represented a separate brand of New Products Group. Beverage connoisseurs asked their idols about the legendary Green Energy™, Pit Bull™, APPS™, REVO™, Shake™, Non Stop™.

“We wanted to make people’s lives brighter, and direct communication with us even more interesting. We made it happen. The New Products Group hotline has become a fascinating tool for getting consumer feedback to the manufacturer. We will prepare other pleasant surprises for our clients”, – said PR-director of New Products Group Elena Selyutina.

An entertainment hotline is a completely new approach to communicating with customers who contact the hotline.

“It is a pleasure to be the first in Ukraine to implement such projects. It was fascinating for everyone – and it was done at a very high level!”, – summed up the operations director of the contact centre Andrey Deniskin.

Each announcement of the next entertainment hotline participant caused unprecedented excitement among the users of social networks. The total coverage of all six posters of the project released on Facebook amounted to views by 446 631 users, and 25 161 likes.

By the way, the company prepared a video for those who are curious about how the communication with the celebrities happened: